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Vinzenz Schwarz


Born in South Germany, Vinz started to learn jazz drums at a young age. Having been part of different big bands and formations throughout his teens, he built himself a basis in expressing himself through music and professionally working with other musicians. Soon after, he had grown a passion for electronic music, so that he decided to start DJing and producing his own tracks, completely self-taught and driven by his fascination with the concept of this artistic spectrum. In this way, he got the chance to be DJ at a local club back in his hometown, which he did regulary for four years. Having gained a lot of experience, he decided to take it a step further and started studying audio engineering in Vienna in 2018. He repeatedly collaborated with fellow musician Tim Bues and got to know various musicians in Vienna, taking part in different projects in both jazz influenced band music and electronic music as a producer and musician. Vinz Schwarz himself composed, recorded and produced a big amount of original songs throughout the last two years living in Vienna, leading to the establishment of Analogique in 2020.

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