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Tim Bues


Born in South Germany, Tim started playing classical piano at the age of six, later decided to take lessons in guitar and jazz-singing at the age of 13 after he gained interest in popular and jazz music and taught himself the guitar througout his early teens. Having taken part in various projects as singer, guitarist, keyboardist, songwriter and producer regionally, he decided to move to Vienna in 2019, where he wants to study music and sound engineering. Because of having found a fascination for electronic and fusion music in the last couple of years, he started collaborating with DJ and producer Vinz Schwarz, expanding his musical horizon and becoming familiar with the approach and vision of the art of electronic music. They started working together in the local music facility with rehearsal rooms back in Germany, now they are flatmates and built up a little home studio, resulting in the foundation of the platform and label Analogique in 2020.

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