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“The most important aspect about my music is and will always be creating a deep and emotional connection to my audience. It is a symbol of friendship. I am not afraid of sharing my thoughts, feelings and emotions.”

Berlin based artist Camulet [‚kamu’lɛt] is an up and coming producer from the south of germany. In 2020 he joined the label Analogique which was established by a german artist and friend Vinzenz Schwarz.
On New Year’s Day his album Recreation was released. Camulet offers us a new world of playful sounds and moving melodies. Organic and experimental house music with a lot of groove. The album soon received a lot of attention and support by artists like Ausilio Jó, Vinzenz Schwarz and Cirkuit.
Speaking of emotional connections: His single Tell Me which was released in April can be labeled as one of the deepest tracks we have heard from him so far. Once again we are invited to take a deep dive into a wonderful grand piano theme, grooving drums, organic and invigorating sounds and a journey into our deepest feelings.

His latest EP Synchronised Movements brings in some new breath of fresh air. A release full of driving and energizing elements which were made for a late night dance floor. With a unique remix from Vinzenz Schwarz taking the EP to another level.

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